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ULD Containers

LD 2
ULD 2 | Air Cargo Container

LD 3
ULD 3 | Air Cargo Container

LD 8
ULD 8 | Air Cargo Container

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Custom OEM Aerospace Products

Granger Aerospace Products, is a division of Granger Industries, Inc. Granger has provided a number of industry leading aerospace and aviation solutions for a number leaders in the aerospace, aviation and defense sectors.


Granger Plastics Company has manufactured over 20,000 custom Air Cargo Containers for a number of leaders in the Aerospace and Air line industries. After experiencing a long duration of success providing these custom units to international industry Aerospace and Airline leaders, Granger Plastics decided to offer a line of proprietary, patent pending, Air Cargo Containers, also known as ULD (Unit Load Device). Aerospace is the aerospace industrys leading supplier of high, quality, custom Rotationally Molded products and components. Products ranging from molded components and assemblies, to polyethylene lined products, Granger Aerospace is your high quality partner for Custom OEM Aerospace products.

Custom Air Cargo Containers

Custom Air Cargo Container, Air Cargo Container, Air Craft Container
Custom Air Cargo Container, Air Cargo Container, Air Craft Container
Custom Air Cargo Container, Air Cargo Container, Air Craft Container
Custom Air Cargo Containers all converted to Plastic for maintenance savings and savings in fuel burn by Granger Plastics Company

Granger Aerospace has provided a number of industry leading solutions to a number of internationally recognized OEMs and major players in the Aerospace and Defense sectors.

See Custom Air Cargo Containers in Use!

See custom designed and produced Air Cargo Containers being tested and loaded into a specialized Air Cargo Plane!

Our Clients

History shows that clients of Granger Aerospace Products, a division of Granger Industries, have realized decreased maintenance costs in excess of 90% per ULD Container, in comparisons to Aluminum, Polycarbonate and even Fiberglass ULD Containers.

Additionally, all of our customers have witnessed tremendous savings in fuel consumption on their fleets that utilize Granger Aerospace ULDs. With a more durable ULD container that requires less maintenance, Granger Aerospace can add to your Airline or Cargo Carriers bottom line! Contact us today!

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