Granger Aerospace

Where Rotomolding, Quality and Aerospace Intersect, Granger Aerospace.

Global Solutions

Granger is an internationally recognized leader in the field of rotational molding. Providing high quality OEM solutions for industry leaders all over the World.

Space Applications

Granger's quality driven focus has provided the opportunity to rotomold high quality OEM product solutions for Defense and Aerospace applications.

Air Cargo

Granger Aerospace builds a line of proprietary, ULD Containers, such as LD 2's (DPE & DPN), LD 3's (AKE & AKN) and LD 8's (DQF & DQN).


LD 8 ULD Containers

LD 2 Air Cargo Containers

LD 3 Air Cargo Containers

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ULD Containers

Granger Aerospace's proprietary line of LD 2's, LD 3's and LD 8's

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LD 2 Air Cargo Containers

LD 2 ULD Containers are half-width containers which occupy 1 position. Commonly used on 747's, 767's, 777's and 787's.

LD 3, LD 3 ULD Container, LD 3 Air Cargo Container, AKN Container, AKN ULD Container, AKN Air Cargo Container, Granger Aerospace LD 3 Container, Granger Aerospace ULD 3 Container, Granger Aerospace AKN Container

LD 3 Air Cargo Containers

LD 3's are half-width containers, commonly used on A300's, A310's, A330's, A 340's, 747's, 767's, 777's, DC-10's, MD-11 and L-1011's.

LD 8, LD 8 ULD Container, LD 8 Air Cargo Container, DQN Container, DQN ULD Container, DQN Air Cargo Container, Granger Aerospace LD 8 Container, Granger Aerospace ULD 8 Container, Granger Aerospace DQN Container

LD 8 Air Cargo Containers

LD 8's are full-width, lower hold containers which occupy 2 positions, commonly used on 767's and 787's.


"Our ULD program with Granger has far exceeded our expectations and savings. We are very pleased with our custom ULDs from Granger Aerospace."

Alissa A.

A Parcel Delivery Company


By drastically reducing maintenance and burning less fuel, Granger's ULD Containers offer the lowest total cost of ownership amongst comparable Air Cargo Containers.

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