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ULD Containers

LD 2
ULD 2 | Air Cargo Container

LD 3
ULD 3 | Air Cargo Container

LD 8
ULD 8 | Air Cargo Container

ULD Containers Made in The USA, Air Craft Containers USA, USA Air Cargo Containers, Aerospace Containers

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Welcome to Granger Aerospace Products!

Granger Aerospace Products, is a division of Granger Industries, Inc. Granger has provided a number of industry leading aerospace and aviation solutions for a number leaders in the private and public aerospace, aviation and defense sectors.

Aircraft Cargo Containers

Cargo Containers or ULD Containers are a staple of the commercial airline and air cargo industries. A number of passenger airlines and package delivery companies have realized tremendous maintenance and fuel consumpttion savings with Granger Aerospace Products Cargo Containers.

Airport Cargo Containers being Loaded onto a plane

OEM Products

Granger Aerospace has provided a number of industry leading solutions to a number of leading OEMs and major players in the Aerospace and Aviation industries.

A device load device (ULD), is a pallet or air cargo container utilized to load baggage, freight, and mail on wide-body plane and certain narrow-body airplane. It permits a large quantity of cargo to be bundled into a single device. Given that this results in less devices to load, it conserves ground staffs time and initiative and assists prevent delayed air travels. Each ULD has its own packaging listing (or manifest) so that its contents can be tracked by its carrier.

ULD's are a critical component to all commerical airlines and air cargo carriers. Over the years, history has proven that a rotationally molded ULD container will require far less maintenance than a standard aluminum or polycarbonate ULD container. While offering a track record of less maintenance, the Granger Aerospace ULD containers are also lighter than most standard air cargo containers, offering a savings in fuel consumption, thus lowering the companies carbon footprint.

LD 3 Ultimate Load Testing

LD 3 AKN Ultimate Load Test Video!

See the forkliftable LD 3 AKN air cargo container successfully complete the FAA's Ultimate Load Testing in the video above!

LD 3 AKN Side Load Test- 8 Days

In typical fashion of Granger's commitment to quality and excellence, Granger decided to allow it's newly unveiled, LD-3 Air Freight Container to hang in the side load position, while loaded with 5,283 pounds of sandbags. Watch in the video above, as the air cargo container hangs for 8 days. Coming soon, Granger Aerospace will video the repairs to this container, making it ready for the tarmac all over again!

Granger ULD 2/ULD 3 Technical Specs

Granger Aerospace ULD 8 Technical Specs

Aerospace & Aviation

Granger Plastics has been an integral part of a number of aerospace & aviation products. From building custom air cargo containers for some of the largest airlines in the world, to custom products for aerospace equipment and fighter jets, Granger Industries, Inc. is your partner in aerospace and aviation Rotational Molding.

Granger Aerospace Products is a division of Granger Industries, Inc. Granger Industries include internationally recognized leader in Rotational Molding, Granger Plastics Company, ForeverSafe Products- a leader in the memorial products industry and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Industries provides a number of industry leading solutions to OEM's and manufacturers including the Granger ISS Underground Storm Shelter. Granger Industries prides itself on being a high quality, American manufacturing company, based in Middletown, Ohio.

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